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The Diamond Club Class of 2020

It was a packed house at the winter General Membership meeting, held on January 24, 2020, where nine ATPAMers were inducted into the Diamond Club, which recognizes and honors those individuals who have been members 50 or more years. 

These individuals have been a vital part of the union and the greater theatrical community, contributing to the magic that is theater.  On hand to receive their gift and Diamond Club certificate were Thomas Kelley (manager and Gold Card member), Philip J. Smith, Chairman, Shubert Organization (manager) and Cheryl Sue Dolby (press agent and Gold Card member). 

Those members inducted into the club (all of whom are Gold Card members) but unable to attend were:  Managers Jeff Britton, Gerald Krone and Herbert Scholder; Press Agents Virginia Glover, Richard Kitrow and John Prescott. 

Shubert House Managers led a standing ovation for Mr. Smith, Ms. Dolby and Mr. Kelley.

Thomas Kelley, Philip J. Smith, Cheryl Sue Dolby

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