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Become a Member

Any Press Agent or Manager engaged under the terms of an ATPAM Agreement is eligible to join.


Most individuals become members through the Apprentice ProgramIndividuals who successfully complete the Apprentice Program, including the written and oral test, receive ‘certification’ from the Union.


Note: It is advisable – but not a requirement – to go through the apprentice program in order to hold a contract and become a full member of ATPAM.

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Benefits and Resources

Full members have access to comprehensive health insurance and a pension plan when working.

Other benefits include...

  • On the job security

  • Competitive salaries

  • Pension, welfare, and annuity benefits with employer contributions

  • Paid vacation and holidays

  • Cost of Living Adjustment increases

  • Bond guarantees for outstanding salaries, benefits, and expenses

  • Grievance and arbitration procedures

  • A union death benefit

  • Access to Members Only website



Annual dues for membership are currently $252.00. There are significant membership discounts for retired and senior members.


The initiation fee for ATPAM membership is $2,000, plus an IATSE application processing fee of $100. However, an individual engaged as an Apprentice can receive a $100 credit for each of ten seminars held by the Union, for a maximum credit of $1,000 toward membership, upon successful completion of the program.


Depending on the contract, members can pay up to 3.75% of their gross salary in working dues.

Apprentice Program

Press Agent Apprentice Program

ATPAM sponsors an apprentice program for candidates who are employed by a press agency or individual currently working under union jurisdiction. Applications are accepted either upon the recommendation of the ATPAM member who the prospective apprentice is working under, or, by the candidate directly to the apprentice committee.


In order to receive credit towards an apprenticeship, the apprentice must be performing duty in fact on a production which is under an ATPAM contract. The year-long program consists of regularly scheduled seminars which cover the role of the press agent as it applies to working with other theater departments and individuals (advertising, marketing, company managers, general managers, producers); the press (with seminars devoted to print, broadcast, social media); as well as tutorials on the various duties of a press agent’s work (such as writing of press releases and pitch letters, assembling Playbills, etc.).


The program culminates with the administration of a test which, once completed and passed, certifies the apprentice as accredited to join the union. Apprentices earn a $100 credit for each seminar attended which ATPAM applies towards its $2000.00 initiation fee.

Non-Member Apprentice Manager

A Non-Member Apprentice Manager (NMAM) may be employed when an individual is hired per the Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA) between ATPAM and the League. A contract must be filed by the employer and, at the same time as the contract filing, the NMAM must pay a non-refundable registration fee of $250 (which will be credited toward any amounts due upon membership).



To be eligible for membership in the Union, NMAM candidates must accumulate at least 52 credit weeks on valid contracts over a period of not less than two and not more than three consecutive seasons. No fewer than ten credit weeks must be accumulated in each season and no more than 42 credit weeks may be accumulated in one season. Any NMAM who fails to complete the program within three consecutive seasons shall be removed from the program. Each season shall be considered as starting Labor Day. Following accumulation of 52 credit weeks, all NMAMs must pass an oral and written test for Union admission. For each seminar attended, the NMAM will receive a $100.00 credit towards the ATPAM Initiation fee (capped at $1,000).


Individuals who successfully complete the apprentice program, including the written and oral test, receive ‘certification’ from the Union. Note:  it is advisable – but not a requirement – to go through the apprentice program in order to hold a contract and become a full member of ATPAM.

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