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ATPAM Visits The New York Times

Press Agent and Manager apprentices took a visit to the New York Times. They spent the morning taking in a meeting with the Arts & Leisure staff followed by a Q&A session. ATPAM wishes to thank theater reporter Michael Paulson and Arts & Leisure deputy editor Scott Heller for taking their time to meet with us and a special thanks to Wayne Wolfe for setting up this invaluable seminar.


L to R: Wayne Wolfe, Thomas Raynor, Tommy Buckner, Chris Pineda, Jason Snow, Rachel Singer, Haley Hall, Kelly Stotmeister, Kaitlin Boland, Lauren Murphy


Standing: Wayne Wolfe, Tommy Buckner. Sitting L to R: Thomas Raynor, Jason Snow, Kelly Stotmeister, Lauren Murphy, Kaitlin Boland, Haley Hall, Rachel Singer

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