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ATPAM’s 90th Anniversary Celebration

It was a party 90 years in the making.  Over 200 members and industry guests gathered together Monday night at the City Winery to celebrate ATPAM’s 90th Anniversary. 

Special thanks to the members of the party committee: Co-chairs Victor Irving and Amanda Kaus, along with Guy Heard, Howard Rogut, Rachael Singer, Stephanie Wallis and Jesse White whose tireless efforts ensured that we would all celebrate in style.  

President David R. Calhoun delivered a speech on the history of the union, including a tribute to President Emeritus, Merle Debuskey who recently passed away.  The speech was followed by a short film showing how vital ATPAM managers and press agents are to the industry.

This was certainly a night to remember. Until the next one.

All photographs courtesy of Jeremy Daniels Photography.

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