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ATPAM Gets Together in Chicago

Secretary-Treasurer Kaledin traveled to Chicago last week to meet with local and touring members.  Joining him were Chicago area members Ken Shaw, John Gilmour, Marya K. Peters, Laura Matalon and Jennifer Graves along with touring members Steve Quinn and Emily Powell (from Wicked) and Matt Sherr and Kaitlin Fine (from Hamilton).

It was a warm gathering on a cold night in the Windy City, as the group discussed life on the road and the upcoming negotiations with the Broadway League.

Kaledin also toasted and thanked the retiring Maury Collins for having served as Chicago area steward for 26 years and also as ATPAM delegate to the Chicago Entertainment Industry Labor Council (CEILC). Maury plans to spend more time behind the wheel of her tractor on her farm, where there is a large barn suitable for a summer stock operation…  🙂  


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