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ATPAM at the Times

If you happened to be walking up Eighth Avenue on Thursday, December 8 at 4:45 and, when passing by The New York Times building, thought you saw an ATPAM press agent meeting your eyes were not deceiving you.

A group of nearly 50 ATPAM press agent chapter members were there to meet with NY Times Culture Editor Danielle Mattoon for a presentation of design changes in the TIMES Culture section that were due to be unveiled the following day in the TIMES’ Weekend section and then each day (excluding Sunday) over the following week.

 The ATPAM-initiated meeting, which lasted for 75 minutes in a TIMES fourth floor conference room, drew theatre press agents from every Broadway office, as well as press agents from the dance and music worlds.   In addition to the design changes, TIMES editorial coverage was discussed at length with Ms. Mattoon  strongly emphasizing that the TIMES remains totally committed to be the leading voice in coverage of  the performing, as well as all, the arts.

All photos by Larry Katen

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