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2017 ATPAM Election Results

The 2017 ATPAM Board of Governors and IATSE Delegate Election results were certified on June 7, 2017 by Election Inspectors Nicole Capatasto (Press Agent Chapter) and Brian Busby (Manager Chapter). Out of 306 valid ballots tabulated, the results are as follows:

2017 Board of Governors  (2 Year Term)

Press Agent Chapter

(83 valid ballots received)

# votes

Philip Rinaldi (Chapter Chair)  63Barbara Carroll 56Maria Somma 52Molly Barnett50Matt Ross   47David Gersten (Alternate)46

Manager Chapter

(223 valid ballots received) Susan Elrod (Chapter Chair)202Rina L. Saltzman195Robert Nolan 192Matthew Markoff 186Gregg Arst    169Victor Irving (Alternate) 127

2017 Delegates to the IATSE Quadrennial Convention (July 17 – 21, 2017 in Hollywood, FL)Susan Elrod 229Maria Somma206Barbara Carroll 201Kevin McAnarney163Christopher Hutton (Alternate) 102

Congratulations to ATPAM’s new Board and to the Convention Delegates.

ATPAM is pleased to announce that out of the 306 total ballots cast, 138 were cast via the Internet. 

ATPAM thanks all who ran and all who voted!


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