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Vice President Gersten and Secretary-Treasurer Saltzman attend IATSE Leadership Week in Chicago.

Secretary-Treasurer Rina Saltzman and Vice-President David Gersten recently attended the IATSE Leadership Development Week in Chicago. In addition to meeting with IATSE kin from locals around the country, they participated in two intensive trainings: "Running Your Union Meetings to Build Your Union Power” and "Labor Law,” both excellent examples of President Loeb’s commitment to a culture of education and development within the IA.

In addition to the classes, facilitated by terrific dynamic teachers, being able to share the experience with fellow IA members from various crafts, disciplines and locations (in both small & larger groups) allowed you to realize that no matter where we are or what we do, we all face similar issues in the workplace: wages & benefits (obviously), health & safety (especially these days), team building, increasing diversity & inclusion, facing anti-union sentiment, and developing future union leaders to take over the reins.

An extra bonus was being able to spend some time with ATPAM members in Chicago. Special Thanks to IATSE Director of Education and Training Patricia A. White and Robyn Cavanagh, Assistant Director - IATSE Education and Training Department.

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