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RSVP for Upcoming New York Workshops, Groups and Seminars

The Career Center

The Creative Entrepreneur Project Information Session Monday, February 5 | 2 pm RSVP via EventBrite This multifaceted program consists of a series of assessments, seminars, workshops, resources, tools, supportive services and groups intended to provide our community with a framework to successfully explore, launch and sustain an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Creative Career Storytelling: Engaging Your Audience Wednesdays, February 14 & 21 | 3–5 pm RSVP via EventBrite This intensive will help you translate the moments that have shaped your career into a story that excites your audiences about working with you!

Developing Your Career Toolkit Tuesday, February 20 | 5–7 pm RSVP via EventBrite This workshop focuses on heightening awareness of your Values and Skills that lead to a strength-based self-appraisal and key motivator to taking action.

Financial Wellness

Budgeting Nuts & Bolts Tuesday, February 6 | 12:00–2 pm RSVP via Eventbrite

This single-session workshop helps you to identify your financial goals and stop guessing and get specific about how money is moving in and out of your life.

Money Matters: Housing Applications & Your Credit Wednesday, February 7 | 5–7 pm RSVP via Eventbrite Learn exactly what lenders and management companies look for when evaluating applicants, what steps you can take to improve your credit and how to present yourself in the best light possible no matter what your score may be.

Psychology of Money Wednesdays, February 28–April 4 | 5–7 pm Register by email This six-week interactive group experience will help participants identify their financial needs and dreams, as well as design and implement a personalized plan of action to help integrate a sense of money mastery into their lives.


Applying for Affordable Housing

Manhattan Wednesday, February 14 | 5–7 pm RSVP via Eventbrite Lower East Side

Tuesday, February 20 | 2–4 pm RSVP via Eventbrite Brooklyn

Thursday, February 15 | 5:30–7:30 pm RSVP via Eventbrite

The Actors Fund affordable housing seminar helps participants get organized so they can be prepared to take advantage of opportunities to apply. For more info, email


The Insurance Doctor is In! Tuesday, February 20 | 4–6 pm HOWL Happening Gallery 6 East 1st St. RSVP via email Our insurance expert will answer your health insurance questions during a one-on-one consult. 

For more workshops, groups or seminars, go to:

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