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New ATPAM Record for Flea Market 2011

We proudly report at this year’s BC/EFA Flea Market, our table bested last year’s fundraising total for ATPAM and set a new record by raising over $5485. This includes $1000 raised at the silent auction for a Lucille Ball signed check that Brother Rober Nolan generously donated – wow! This never could have been accomplished without the wonderful donations of theatre memorabilia from members all over the country. ATPAM had a lot of great merchandise which flew off the table.

Thanks to all who gave so generously of their time. Setting up at 9 am and staying through the morning – and beyond! – were Jenny Bates, Stephanie Wallis, Rina Saltzman, Sean Free, Jonathan Shulman and Lauri Wilson. The afternoon shift brought reinforcements of Willa Burke, Michael Bolgar, Daniel Hoyos, Kevin McAnarney, Bill Liberman, Blair Baker (daughter of member Doug Baker) and friends of ATPAM Ellis Nassour and Zach Stevenson. Thanks also to Anah Klate and Penny Daulton. Opening the doors of their theatres for storing and staging were Mr. Rock of Ages: Alan Markinson at the Hayes, David Calhoun and Jesse White at the Marquis, and Lauri Wilson at the Booth.

Shout out to ATPAM’s staff: Gerry Parnell, Fran Brando and Tito Sanchez, who all helped in so many way to make this event work. Final curtain calls must go to Susan Elrod and Robert Nolan, who organized and spearheaded the whole ATPAM effort with enthusiasm, humor and creativity. Brother Nolan schlepped countless bags of showbiz swag from his apartment to aid the cause. It is no surprise we broke last year’s record. The overwhelming participation from members – from cleaning out their closets to braving the rains on Friday to representing the table on Sunday – was a great showing for ATPAM. Can’t wait to see what we do next year!


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