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Labor Day Parade 2023

More than two dozen ATPAM members, led by President Penny Dalton and Secretary Treasurer Rina Saltzman, marched in the 2023 NYC Labor Day Parade. It was the largest group of ATPAM members in recent years and it was the same larger-than-before turnout for every IATSE local. In fact, it was a banner year for all unions, with well over 75,000 marchers (a conservative estimate by the NYPD) and more than 30,000 spectators along the parade route.

Special thanks to the following who proudly represented ATPAM: Michael Altbaum, Uriel Attie, Carly Bauer, Michael Bolgar, David Calhoun, Barbara Carroll, Penny Daulton, Susan Elrod, Jolie Gabler (and Reggie), Jason Haft, Wes Haskell, Victor Irving, Bianca Jean-Charles, Susan Keappock, Kaylin Kellen, Dwayne Mann, Miguel Ortiz, Hampton Palmore, Katie Pope, Eric Rothstein, Rina Saltzman, Kim Shaw, Jonathan Shulman, Tyler Siems, Spencer Smith, Maria Somma,

(L to R) Kaylin Kellen, Westin Hicks, Bianca Jean-Charles, Uriel Attie

(L to R) Jolie Gabler, Carly Bauer, Weston Hicks

Tony DiPaulo and Rina Saltzman

Jolie Gabler with Reggie

(L to R) Jason Haft, Dwayne Mann, Kim Shaw, Michael Altbaum, Miguel Ortiz

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