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Labor Day Parade 2022

ATPAM at the 2022 New York City Labor Day Parade!

Holding the banner: Stephen Spadaro, Victor Irving and Susan Kaeppock. Next row: Jesse White, Hugh Stumpp, James Neal, Alex Reyes, Susan Elrod, Barbara Carroll, Jolie Gabler, President Penny Daulton, Maria Somma. Not pictured: Kevin McAnarney and Stephanie Wallis.

Front Row: Hugh Stumpp, Jesse White, Stephanie Wallis, President Penny Daulton, Susan Elrod, Cathy Kwon

Back Row: Kevin McAnarney, Victor Irving, David Calhoun, Barbara Carroll, James Neal

Barbara Carroll

NMAMs James Neal and Alex Reyes

Jolie Gabler and Stephen Spadaro

David Calhoun, Hugh Stumpp, Susan Elrod

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