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In Memoriam: A. Gino Giglio

A. Gino Giglio passed away November 12, 2014 after a short illness, with daughters Lisa and Nina at his side.

A proud member of ATPAM since 1959, Giglio company managed more than a dozen Broadway shows, including A Taste of Honey starring Angela Lansbury, I Can Get it For Wholesale starring Elliot Gould and Barbra Streisand, the revival of Irene with Debbie Reynolds, and Man of La Mancha starring Richard Kiley and Joan Diener, to name a few. He was also a House Manager, and company managed touring productions. Giglio was a founding member of SDC, and a member of the Actors Studio.  In addition to company and house management, he directed a number of productions, including Hughie which was mounted in New York City and later in Amsterdam.

Born Alphonsus Vincent Salvatore Giglio, in 1931 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Gino, as he was later known, graduated from Yale where he majored in psychology and pre-med. He originally planned to become a doctor like his father, for whom he was named, before switching to theater. Giglio then attended Columbia University to further his studies. After serving stateside during the Korean War, Giglio actively pursued a career in theater and film.

Gino Giglio

A. Gino Giglio proudly representing ATPAM in the Labor Day Parade.

For his second act, Gino pursued his tireless passion in the topic of human health, focusing on the study and research into alternative medicine. He became a licensed massage therapist before moving to West Palm Beach and worked in the area of craniosacral therapy at the Upledger Institute. Giglio continued to work with his clients in New York City, many of whom worked in the theater, until a few years before his death. 

He will be missed by the many people who knew him.

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