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ATPAM Breaks its own record at the Flea Market

As you may have heard, the ATPAM table was the highest fundraisng table at this year's Flea Market with a whopping final total of $78,671!

Broadway fans started lining up early and the crowds were four people deep to purchase the items donated by members and friends.

Kudos and thank you to our member Brig Berney, who takes so much time and care collecting items throughout the year and organizing the 12 tables(!) and the clothing racks. So many of our members, working and retired showed up to lend support. Our folks know how to hawk a product!!!! By 6:25 PM, even as we were packing up there were people still combing through the piles of books, playbills, CDs and more - we finally had to turn them away.

Thank you to everyone who helped get the items ready to sell and those who joined us on the day

A special acknowlegement of the gift of memorabilia from the late Susan L. Schulman who passed away last year. Susan bequeathed her collection to ATPAM to be sold at the Flea Market. A beautiful gift from a beloved member.

And thank you to Baseline Theatrical for allowing ATPAM to clutter your offices every year. Truly appreciated.

Please think about joining us next year - every year it proves to be a fabulous time for all involved.

Nicole Crisci & Brig Berney

Kevin McAnarney

Nina Skriloff & Tom Santopietro

Miguel Ortiz

Ryan Sweeney

Secretary-Treasurer, Rina L. Saltzman

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