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ATPAM Board of Governor Elections Coming Up!

Nominations will be taken at ATPAM’s May 10 General Membership Meeting for all twelve seats on ATPAM’s Board of Governors: five regular positions and one alternate from each Chapter. 

ATPAM’s Board of Governors meets roughly once per month to discuss and act on important financial, workplace and policy issues that impact members of this Union. Board members – alternates excepted – are Tony Voters. 

All ATPAM members in good standing are eligible to run. Members outside New York are encouraged to consider running, as ATPAM is a ‘national’ local.

Board nominations/seconds/acceptances will be taken at separate chapter meetings the morning of the May 10 GMM and then will be announced at the full meeting immediately thereafter.

Nominations/seconds/acceptances may also be made on the floor on the day of the GMM by phone and may also be submitted in the seven (7) days preceding of the GMM by letter, fax, email, certified mail or hand delivery to ATPAM.

After the nominations are taken, nominees will be able to deliver candidate statements to membership.

Members will have the option of either voting by regular mail or via the Internet.

Ballots will be mailed May 24 with the vote tallied on June 24. 

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