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2013 Weintraub Recipients Announced

Each spring, ATPAM awards scholarship money to members and relatives of members pursuing a degree at an accredited institution of higher learning.  These awards are named for Milton Weintraub, Sectretary-Treasurer of ATPAM from 1942 to 1968 .  The Weintraub Committee, made up of ATPAM members-at-large, met earlier this summer to determine this year’s awards.   ATPAM congratulates this year’s Weintraub Scholarship Recipients and wishes them success in their academic endeavors:

  1. Christine Bender

  2. Jamie Bogyo

  3. Robert Brannigan

  4. Angela Bryan-Brown

  5. Emily Cross

  6. Thomas DiBartolomeo

  7. Martha Fearnley

  8. Elizabeth Garvey

  9. Jennifer Goldberg

  10. Madeleine Gruder

  11. Michael Height

  12. Rebecca Holman

  13. Nathaniel Irving

  14. Judith Kagel

  15. Lucinda Landon

  16. Courtney Marquard

  17. Kendall Marquard

  18. Hannah May

  19. Bruce McLeod

  20. Riquette Ramsey

  21. Martha Renn

  22. Maggie Schweppe

  23. Rebecca Taylor

Announcement and applications for the 2014 Weintraub Awards will be made early next year.


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